Wedding photographer eating alone sparks controversy over how to deal with it

wedding photographer eating

A wedding photographer, who posted a video of himself eating dinner alone while at work, has sparked a heated debate on social media.

Photographer and cinematographer Julian Troncoso tells betapixel He wasn’t expecting to start an online discussion about the ethics of making wedding photographers eat their own meals when he shared the hilarious clip on TikTok earlier this month.

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In the video, which has garnered 4.1 million views on TikTok, Troncoso can be seen eating alone at a wedding, away from the other guests, along with the caption, “POV: You’re a wedding photographer, so you’re used to eating alone during dinner at corner while everyone is engaged in conversations.”

The clip attracted thousands of comments from TikTok users and sparked a conversation about etiquette with wedding photographers. The majority of viewers were saddened by the Troncoso clip and vowed to make sure their future wedding photographer dines at a table with the other guests.

One viewer wrote: “That’s why when I get married my photographer will get a place at a table.”

Another user commented “If my wedding photographer didn’t feel like part of the family at my wedding, we didn’t do it right,”

Individual Comment: “I don’t allow the photographer to be alone at my wedding.” “He captures moments for us so we have to feed him and make him feel them in return.”

A shocked viewer says, “I never realized it was like this. I never will!” – while another animated TikTok user said “Most people don’t see that side of the job. I appreciate your work.”

Meanwhile, other TikTok users said wedding photographers should expect to eat alone because they get paid to work.

“This is the job,” one viewer wrote. While another user says Troncoso should be happy to get “free food”.

Troncoso, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tells betapixel He never expected such a response to his TikTok video. The photographer, who has been photographing weddings for over three years, says he posted the tongue-in-cheek clip as part of a trend on TikTok.

“I got the idea from the original audio I used in the same video. The ‘trend’ is to show situations where you find yourself eating alone, and as soon as I realized I do this at almost every wedding (with a co-worker occasionally) I knew it was. It would fit right in,” Truncuso explains.

“While the video itself was intended to be cute, being alone at weddings is definitely something my co-workers and I talk about is one of the least fun aspects of capturing someone’s special day.”

“I half expected if I got any response or interaction on the video, it would be from other photographers who tried it too, but reaching over 4.1 million views and gaining nearly 10,000 followers was the last thing I expected!” He adds.

Troncoso says he was stunned by the mostly positive reactions to his video and the subsequent interest in photographing his wedding afterward.

“I would say something like 80 percent of the comments on the video are people who feel bad and say seeing me eat alone or saying they didn’t realize this happened or wish they’d come and sit down,” Troncoso says.

“Other than that, there were definitely people who said I should ‘handle it’ or ‘at least you’ll get paid,'” he says.

“While some people have had some opinions back and forth with each other about it, the general consensus was to feel sorry for me or say they now know to reserve a table for future wedding vendors (which I consider a win).”

Troncoso says he loves being a wedding photographer and doesn’t mind eating alone while working.

“At this point, after three years and over 150 weddings, it’s something I’ve grown up to not really bother me. I can always appreciate when adorable couples reserve seats for us, but that’s never something I see,” he demanded; But more as a nice gesture to show us appreciation,” he explains.

“Either way, I don’t take it personally, but it’s definitely fun having a table to talk to in our spare time versus having to find an empty chair somewhere, or even just sitting on the floor occasionally.”

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“While I was photographing weddings, the thing that never really went away for me was just the magic and the feeling of accomplishment when you see that one photo. Sometimes it’s the first kiss, or the first dance, or even just the kiss of their hands with their rings,” he says. Troncoso The mere feeling of knowing your business that day will forever be an irreplaceable part of someone’s life.”

“As for any cons, it’s hard to find anything that I can say I don’t like on the job. But I will say the stress of being the one tasked with capturing those once-in-a-lifetime, forever-important moments is definitely not for the faint of mind!”

More of Troncoso’s work can be seen on his Instagram, his TikTok and check out his Instagram for his wedding photography.

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