Top 10 ways to explore the beautiful country of Ecuador

Ecuador is perhaps the most historical part of South America due to its links with the Andean people who are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This has made it home to many archaeological sites that invite people from all over the world.

Besides the historical part, this country is also famous for its rich biodiversity, towering volcanoes and delicious food. In other words, Ecuador has everything travelers need to satisfy all kinds of travelers. For those heading to Ecuador, here are the top 10 ways to make the most out of visiting the country.

10 Explore the Amazon rainforest

Parts of the Amazon rainforest pass through Ecuador providing travelers in the country with a chance to witness the amazing fauna and flora of this part of the rainforest.

Puerto Francisco de Orellana is the gateway to this part of the Amazon rainforest and before visiting, there are several things that make it worth a visit.

To start, the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world and along with the impressive wildlife, the natural area is also filled with amazing adventures and plenty of unique experiences.

9 Watch The Hummingbirds

Ecuador is home to the largest amount of hummingbirds. There are more than 152 species of these birds in the country and more are discovered almost annually.

A visit to this country would certainly not be complete without sightings of these gorgeous, brightly colored creatures.

Jocotoco Sanctuary and Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuary are among the best places to see hummingbirds in Ecuador.

8 Downhill mountain biking experience on Cotopaxi Volcano

Mountain biking is generally exciting, but downhill mountain biking takes the thrill a step higher. When in Ecuador, travelers have the opportunity to experience this adventure at Cotopaxi volcano.

This adventure usually begins in the parking lot of Cotopaxi National Park, which rises 4,500 meters above sea level.

From this point, adventurers can enjoy the wonderful views of the volcano as they ride the rapids.

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7 Walk around Quito

When it comes to experiencing the best of Ecuador, Quito, its capital, should not be left out.

The city features many cathedrals, museums, and many other historical sites that shed more light on the periods of Spanish colonialism in Latin America.

Due to its importance to Latin American history, Quito has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and along with the historical parts, the city also has plenty of outdoor adventures for travelers to take part in.

6 See the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

The UNESCO-listed Galapagos Islands are many islands and islets that host unique wildlife.

The islands are said to have arisen due to volcanic activity millions of years ago and the extreme isolation of the archipelago is what is believed to have given rise to the unique wildlife in the area. The Galapagos was inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection after he visited it in 1835.

Some of the famous wildlife that can be seen here include the giant tortoise, the marine iguana, and the blue-footed booby.

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5 Explore the Otavalo . Market

The Otavalo Market is the most famous market in Ecuador and the largest market in South America.

Located in the town of Otavalo, visitors to the market will be met with a variety of products from jewelry to fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing, carved figurines, and many handcrafted objects. It’s also a great place to check out the country’s street food.

The market is open seven days a week, but Saturday is the best day to visit to see the market.

4 climb a volcano

Volcanoes are very popular attractions in Ecuador because the country is full of them. At 6,263 metres, Volcan Chimborazo is one of the tallest in the country and well worth a mountaineering adventure.

Other mountains that offer climbing opportunities in Ecuador include Sierra Negra, Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and El Altar.

3 Visit Cuenca

Cuenca is one of the few cities in Ecuador known for its rich history and abundance of historical monuments. It is distinguished by its magnificent architecture that is a product of the colonial history of the region.

The city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and while visiting Cuenca, travelers should check out the historic churches, hanging houses, and museums for a glimpse into the city’s distant history.

2 Hike in Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park is one of the most exciting places to hike in Ecuador. The park in the Andes is characterized by towering mountains, steep valleys, and desert landscapes.

Many of the jobs are marked for hiking, and while some are short and easy, others are long, challenging and soar dangerously high.

Some of the longer trips even give adventurers a chance to camp at some point.

1 Inca ruins in Ingaberca

A visit to Ecuador would not be complete without travelers seeing at least one of the country’s many monuments. Located in a small town in the province of Canar, the ruins of Ingapirca are great to visit.

It is the largest known Inca ruin in the country and features a building known as the Temple of the Sun that the ancient Incas used to express different seasons throughout the year.

Machu Picchu may be very popular but the Inca ruins in Ecuador are less crowded and equally impressive.

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