The Empress Season 1, Episode 3 Summary

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This isn’t exactly a red wedding, but there’s a lot of backstabbing Empress reach the midpoint. Great storytelling, great performances and a feast for the eyes.

This synopsis of the Netflix series The Empress Season 1, Episode 3, “The Wedding,” contains spoilers.

wedding on f it’s a Affair. Franz (played before Philip Froson) Waiting Elizabeth (played before Devrim Lingnau) at the end of the corridor where you take everything. love them It seems that Minutes, until joy. They are now married and go out to the country when they leave church. in thousands of people there, pushing police lines beyond their will, trying to get a glimpse of the happy royal couple. The police begin to push the boundaries of the crowd and re-crowd. Imagine all those people suffering there to celebrate a happy occasion, and the guards seem ready to lay a hammer on their happiness. At the end of the episode, The Empress chooses to engage with the idea of ​​celebrity, nobility, and power.

But do not be afraid! His Royal Highness, Sophia, will allow 50 long-held prisoners to be released from prison as a gift from the Emperor on his wedding day.

Oh, happy days.

Empress Season 1, Episode 3 Summary

There are some interesting developments. Maximilian invites Franz’s ex-lover, Countess Louise, to come to the wedding. Franz confronts him by inviting Elizabeth to the party. Franz no longer needed him as a consultant. By that point, the Russians had violated the border agreement, and Sofia wants to release 250,000 troops to reinforce and aid the countries on the border. Franz refuses to be pressured into making a decision that night. Meanwhile, Elizabeth rocks the boat when she appoints Helen as head of her royal family.

There are three main events to the episode. The first is when Louise and Elizabeth reached their climax. Another happened when Franz desperately tried to persuade the most powerful men in Austria to invest money in a railway to improve the economy of the Habsburg Empire. And finally, Sophia’s relationship with the Swedish prince. At the same time, when Elizabeth faced Louise alone, they laid their cards on the table. In a saucy scene, when Elizabeth asks for the role of Louise, she shyly says, “Entertainment.”

When it comes down to it, the Countess tells the new Empress that there are eyes everywhere, and she can’t really be safe in these halls. Maxi undermines his brother with a French official. How? By obtaining the permission of the French ambassador when the money backs off his majesty. He told him that by staying out of the war, France and Russia would rip each other apart, allowing the Empire of Austria to profit from the war. This is Max’s way of developing a relationship with France, because they prefer him in the emperor’s seat. Sophia goes to the prince of Vasa again, and kisses him in some dark and empty hall. In many words, she confesses to him that the emperor is his son and wants him to see Franz.

Some of these storylines are for meet and greet. For example, the son of a financier, Baron von Senna, returned alone to speak with the emperor about this loan. His concern is that his family is wasting money. Then Druli added, “By the way, great party.” However, he is convinced by the woman who sings the praises of Franz-Louise! So, now the loan is safe, but Sophia comes in and gets in and doesn’t believe her ears. Franz will not enter the war and build his railway.

All this leads to a dance between the man and the wife. (Why don’t they call it the woman and the husband)? Elizabeth is now overwhelmed. And as Louise said, you can’t trust anyone. While you’re dancing with Franz, you look around, you have Sophia whispering to Helen, and they both stare at her with daggers. On the flip side, you have Maxi, jealous of Franz’s good fortune, which includes the political and the personal. Not to mention the uprising of the Countess and the lady-in-waiting off-screen. Her husband asks her what is wrong, but we know what is wrong. Franz lied to her on their wedding day, which is never a good sign, and Elizabeth is now developing trust issues with everyone around her.

the end

But it is not the wedding night, and that dreaded cardinal announces that they have just completed their marriage, or that the wedding is over. You don’t have a heart, though. They should perform the ritual in the first underwear of its kind made of curtains. They lay down on the floor to relax, as Elizabeth did when he entered upon her, and reassured her that they could do so. (He also finally admitted that she lied to her about Louise.) The episode ends with Helen being fired, her family leaving, and now Elizabeth is on her own.

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